Week 6: Recognition – Task: Create a Badge

I have been trying to catch up since I started this E-learning 3.0 MOOC (I started doing week 4, Identity, when the course was almost in week 5 !!), and finally I think I´ve done it!

Week 6: Recognition – Task: Create a Badge

The instructions for this task were:

Create a free account on a Badge service, and then:

  • create a badge
  • award it to yourself.
  • use a blog post on your blog as the ‘evidence’ for awarding yourself the badge
  • place the badge on the blog post.

To accomplish this task, I chose Badgr.

I created an account, with google . Before creating it as an Issuer, I verified my email address. I used the name of my Blog, Learning Reflections, as the issuer. And chose a beautiful peacock picture as the logo 😊.


To create a badge, I chose the Badge Class option.


I uploaded a picture, a country side photoshoped image, and the description. And then, I awarded it to myself.


Here is a screen shot of my email account…


Then, I downloaded it.


And that was the end of my task.

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